Artist:  Erla Mottram

Current Project: Woodcarver Park

Woodcarver Park - Home of A Thousand Faces

A Tribute to Rolf Heer

Eccentric & Whimsical, Radium Hot Springs’ own Wizard and Woodcarver was a Local Treasure.

God broke the mold after Rolf was born to the late Albert and Anna Heer-Zimmer, in Glarus, Switzerland.  He was one of three children – a bright, creative, engaging and highly mischievous young boy – and he was a handful for his straight-laced, conservative parents.

By the time he was in grade 5 they were so exasperated, they put him in an all-girls school, just to teach him a lesson.  To their dismay, He loved it there – and until the day he died, some of the fondest memories of his childhood were in that classroom, knitting his own socks, sewing his own dresses, baking muffins, playing classical piano…and communing with the girls.

Photo courtesy of Rolf's family

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