Woodcarver Park

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Woodcarver Park - Home of a Thousand Faces

Rolf Heer made a legacy with his Home of a Thousand Faces, which was a captivating creation of Rolf’s woodcarving talent and playful humour, located in the Village of Radium. His unique abode once made the television series “Weird Homes” which drew plenty of attention to the small, quaint Village. Rolf welcomed many visitors from around the world into his home. They would experience a fun-filled tour and many purchased his iconic bearded-man carvings, as a momentum of the interesting visit they had with the funny Woodcarver that dressed like a wizard. In fact, there’s likely thousands of households that display a piece of his artwork and carry memories or stories that bring on many smiles.

Sadly, Rolf’s years of creativity burned to the ground in a devastating fire in 2018 that left only a few charcoaled remains behind. Then, the legendary Radium Woodcarver, Rolf Heer, passed away a few years later in 2020 after a battle with cancer. Rolf generously left his property to the Radium Village Arts & Culture Society with wishes for his land to become a park for kids to play and artists to display their artwork. Two of Rolf’s greatest appreciations in life; hearing laughter and a love for art. Plans for the Park truly reflect Rolf, his legacy and his wishes. We appreciate your generous contribution to help fund Woodcarver Park.

"By carving something from this tree, it lives again because of me."
Rolf Heer
Radium Woodcarver
1954 - 2020

Together, Let's Build Woodcarver Park!

Introducing the park concept, courtesy of Bassett Associates Landscape Architects from Calgary, AB.  The design was inspired through meetings with Rolf’s friends, the Radium Chamber, Radium Village Staff and Council members.  The outcome completely captured every thought, idea, possibilities and concerns of everyone in attendance.  It truly is a reflection of Rolf and what he would want.  The park will carry on his legacy with structures to remind us of him and his home, as well as interpretive information to tell the story of the Radium Woodcarver.

Conceptual Plan and Design Elements

  • Focal point: a two-story “treehouse” with an overlook and iconic roof design
  • Open grass area with informal seating
  • Washroom building with a green roof
  • Picnic area with tables and benches
  • Two accessible parking stalls with ramp and full access to the site
  • A ”river” of logs to promote creative nature play through the site
  • An unexpected adventure play area with an embankment slide and logs to climb